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Father of DHA Brain Science is 90 today!

Professor Michael Angus Crawford, the father of DHA brain science is 90 today.

Fearless and indefatigable, Michael has spearheaded the research behind DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) and its role in the mammalian brain. He is a wonderful presenter - and he often punctuates his lectures by demonstrating two human skulls - demonstrating that of homo sapiens sapiens has a much larger space to encase the brain. (I often wondered what the security people at airports made of them!). He explains why this one molecule is is one of the reasons why our species is so successful today - and how it facilitates nerve synapses to communicate with each other. Michael enjoys a pint of ale, a whisky and fresh oysters - I hope he manages to consume all three today.

Happy 90th Birthday Michael!!

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